General Purpose Masking Tape

General Purpose Masking Tape


Product Description:
It is applied to possibly all industries one could think of, making it a highly versatile product. This is perfectly backed with crepe paper, coated with premium natural rubber adhesive to enhance its performance.

Product Application:

Product Code:


Product Feature:

Premium Quality
Extremely Durable & Flexible
Highly Adaptable
Clean Removal

Measurements & Packaging:

18mm x 20yds | 96 roll/ctn
24mm x 20yds | 72 roll/ctn
36mm x 20yds | 48 roll/ctn
48mm x 20yds | 36 roll/ctn
Width x Length | Customization
General Specifications:

General Specifications:

Colour – White
Material – Impregnated Crepe Paper
Adhesive – Solvent-Based, Natural Rubber
Storage – Cool & Dry Condition


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